Facial Analysis Billboards

A screen platform for
proven retail growth

A unique advertising retail platform that enables
demographically targeted content to be displayed
to the right customer at the time.

A more connected customer

Target offline shoppers like online customers with in-store facial analysis.
By combining retail digital signage with demographic data, you can improve customer experiences as well as engagement levels.

Facial analysis has the power to give traditional stores a more informed view, showing who’s browsing versus buying in real-time, even their emotions during the process. Harnessing such data you can then target your customers more effectively whilst providing a superior and more personalised customer experience, keeping shoppers happy, engaged and loyal.

Advertising or promotional messages can be tailored according to the demographic data of the customer viewing the screen.

This minimises advertising wastage, optimises message impact and personalises promotions. All leaving to better customer experiences.

How it Works

Bidooh is a unique advertising retail platform that enables demographically targeted content to be displayed to the right customer at the right time.

Simple to use and easy to manage

It takes seconds to add new adverts and messages on the bidooh platform.

Upload your Promotion

Via the intuitive portal, uploading your images and video promotions is a simple, fast and painless process.

Choose target demographics

Next, select the demographic criteria you wish to use and which locations will display your content.

Reach your customers

That’s it! Your promotion will be delivered to the desired screens targeting the correct visitors and shoppers in your store.

Retailer Benefits

Intelligent Demographics

Using demographics, DOOH advertisers can choose from a wide range of factors, such as what age and gender they want to target with adverts to ensure that marketing reaches the right audience.


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Emotion
  • Beard
  • Moustache
  • Sunglasses
  • Glasses

GDPR Compliant

Because no personal data is stored during the information gathering process, GDPR compliance is always assured and no customer opt-in is required.

Additional supplier revenues

With the bidooh platform you can add an additional revenue stream to your bottom line by charging
suppliers to advertise their products and services on in-store screens.

Retailer Features

There’s no other digital out-of-home platform like it!

Facial Analysis Billboards

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