Bidooh, a First in DOOH, Digital OOH Billboards

Say hello to Bidooh, cutting edge Out of Home(OOH) Advertising.
The world’s first digital OOH or DOOH advertising platform, available to everyone.
Real people, real impressions and real results. Bidooh revolutionises the digital billboard, not only can it track who views it but Bidooh can even interact with viewers. With Bidooh you can add your adverts in real time, from anywhere you have a signal with our online portal.

Not only does Bidooh revolutionise how we track DOOH, and how we can interact with a digital billboard, but it also changes how we place adverts. Even with the biggest names in digital OOH you often find that you have to go through a lengthy process, involving contacting the company directly to get your advert where you want it. With our decentralised portal, no matter where you are, no matter what time it is, as long as you have the internet, you have the capability to place an advert on one of our digital billboards.

Bidooh allows you to track the demographics of viewers of your adverts, and allows you to upload new content in real time to any Bidooh digital billboard. This creates dynamic opportunities for you to advertise for new clients. For example, imagine you've just set up a pop-up store for your retail business you're looking to promote and right by your store you see a Bidooh board, you can easily use it as a dynamic tool to bring foot-fall through your shop!


Create, publish, display. Do it the Bidooh way.
Publish adverts in real-time onto our digital billboards.

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Real People, Real Impressions

Digital OOH has never been like this before.

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Easily reach your local customers. Choose where to advertise. Gain new customers.

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Use the web, your phone, your iPad. Create and launch adverts

in under a minute with our truly bespoke digital OOH solutions

See how easy it is to create a DOOH advert and launch your campaign.

It can be done in seconds!

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